Brussels is an amazing city filled with history and charm. It started out as a small town, and is now the center of European politics.


One of the many things I find so interesting about Brussels is that there is a major divide in languages – between dutch and French speakers. There are three regions of Brussels that cater to Dutch, French, or Bilingual speakers. This reminds me a little bit of some neighborhoods around the U.S. as well. It seems to be that people generally bond together with their own. I wonder if this is how these regions came about? All the dutch speakers moved where they could understand their neighbors, as did the French speakers, and Voila!

Fun fact! Brussels is made up of 27% foreigners. How exciting is that? Not only is the city so beautiful and historic, there is no telling what type of people you will get to meet and what cultures you will be able to experience.


In addition to all the history and culture, is the food. They are famous for waffles, chocolate, and beer. That should really be all that my post said. Waffles, chocolate and beer – sold!

One day I will go to Brussels, and I hope it’s better than my imaginary adventure.


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