Mount Emei, China

The scenic area of Mount Emei, China is home to the sacred Leshan giant Buddha.


Mount Emei is also home to the first Buddhist temple built in the 1st century C.E., and is considered part of the Sichuan Province. The giant buddha that draws tourists and buddhists from around the world, was carved out of a hillside in the 8th century C.E. and it looks down over the confluence of three rivers.  This buddha is the largest Buddha in the world, and stands a t 71 meters tall.

In addition to the Buddha, Mount Emei has an incredibly diverse vegetation and some of the threes are over 1,000 years old!

Paysage panoramique du mont Emei, incluant le paysage panoramique du grand Bouddha de Leshan

How amazing would it be to see the place that introduced Buddhism into China? While I am not a Buddhist, I  very much enjoy the study of religions and history (of course).  This mountain is not the home to over 3o temples build within hillsides.

Mont Emei is protected and managed by the General Administrativ Plan of Mount Emei which follows the government’s regulations on scenery areas. Just thinking about all the history and sacred temples just blows my mind.

If you would like much more information on Mount Emei, click here.

One day I will go to Mount Emei, and I hope it is better than my imaginary adventure.


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