I have always been fascinated with the Mayan ruins. I think it may be a trending topic, that I love history and mysteries. My husband is an accountant and does not enjoy history nearly as much as I. Imagine my shock and disappointment when I realized that he has already been here! His mother was born and raised in Guatemala and he was taken the Tikal on a trip back to see family. We have decided to also make this trip next year, I am so excited!

Mayan-ruins-in-Tikal.Guatemala copy

Just seeing the picture above excites my imagination. What really went on here, how was their culture? I have learned a little bit about the Mayan culture, but how much were we actually right about? For example, the image below blows my mind. How were the able to construct such an amazing temple in their time? My husband says that when you are walking up the steps to this temple, you have to walk sideways because the stairs are so shallow. I know that from skeletal remains it has been determined that the Mayans were smaller than we are today. Which again raises the question, how did they create this temple?

633 Blog Guatemala Maya Ruins copy

One day I will see the Mayan ruins and I hope it’s better than my imaginary adventure.


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