I have always been fascinated with the Mayan ruins. I think it may be a trending topic, that I love history and mysteries. My husband is an accountant and does not enjoy history nearly as much as I. Imagine my shock and disappointment when I realized that he has already been here! His mother was born and raised in Guatemala and he was taken the Tikal on a trip back to see family. We have decided to also make this trip next year, I am so excited!

Mayan-ruins-in-Tikal.Guatemala copy

Just seeing the picture above excites my imagination. What really went on here, how was their culture? I have learned a little bit about the Mayan culture, but how much were we actually right about? For example, the image below blows my mind. How were the able to construct such an amazing temple in their time? My husband says that when you are walking up the steps to this temple, you have to walk sideways because the stairs are so shallow. I know that from skeletal remains it has been determined that the Mayans were smaller than we are today. Which again raises the question, how did they create this temple?

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One day I will see the Mayan ruins and I hope it’s better than my imaginary adventure.


Alcatraz Island

Lately I have been oddly fascinated with Alcatraz Island. I have been watching a documentary about the three men who escaped from Alcatraz in 1962. The three men were Clarence Anglin, John Anglin, and Frank Morris. There was a fourth man, Allen West who claims to be the mastermind behind the escape, but was left behind.


How can the mastermind be dumb enough to be left behind? I believe that he got the group together and said that they were going to plan an escape, but that Frank Morris was indeed the mastermind. The plan was ingenious. They were able to create fake heads out of toilet paper, glue and paint.


They used the fake heads to fool the guards doing the nightly patrols. This gave them from 9.30 PM until 5:30 AM to escape from Alcatraz and make is safely to Angle Island. They even collected rain jackets from other inmates to create a raft. Nobody has ever seen these three men again. Debris from their makeshift lifeboat was found through San Francisco Bay, but this could very well have been to distract the FBI from searching on land.

The only thing from the three men was a postcard to the police saying, “hahaha, we made it” and it was signed, Frank, John, and Clarence. This postcard was never proven  to be from the three escapees, and to this day, nobody knows for certain if they survived their escape from Alcatraz.

Anyways, if you can’t tell already, I love all the history that comes from Alcatraz. The fact that this prison is secluded on an island almost 2 miles off the coast of San Francisco is immensely intriguing to me. San Francisco is such a huge city, and tourist destination, but less than 2 miles away is this famous maximum security prison.

One day I will tour Alcatraz and I hope it’s better than my imaginary adventure.


If I had unlimited funds, I would move to Fiji. Fiji is so remote and exotic, a perfect place to forget about the small things and truly focus on the important things in life. I think about all the hustle and bustle of life as a wife, daughter, student, friend, and a  Technical Writer, and I just wonder how to simplify life. It is easy to look at the lives of other people and show them how to get their life back to basics, but it is much harder to do that on your own.



Living in Fiji, a large portion of the homes do not have electricity the same way we do in the United States. Some of the houses have none at all, some have a very limited amount of solar panels, and some also have generators for emergencies when a few hours of light is necessary.

Of course there are some amazing homes in Fiji, where people have created their dream oasis on the island. For me, moving to Fiji would be about finding what is really important and learning how to survive with my own ideals and wishes. Looking to buy homes in Fiji was astounding. A lot of the descriptions list the fruit trees and the vegetables already growing on the land. Being able to wake up in the morning, looking out at the ocean and then going to pick fresh fruit from your own tree…sounds perfect.

One day I will go to Fiji and I hope it’s better than my imaginary adventure.



Australia is one of the first places I want to visit. As you can see from the picture above, the wildlife there is amazing!  Most of Australia’s fauna and flora cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Taking a backpacking trip through Australia would be surreal. Although I love the city life, one of my favorite things about Australia is that vegetation covers about 91% of the country. The reason that so much of Australia can still be covered in vegetation is because 80% of the population lives within about 63 miles from the coast. This means that the center of Australia is largely vegetation and free from human interference. I think that having a life full of a busy ocean living, and then the option to retreat into the rainforest for some relaxation, from the beach. Yeah, who needs relaxation from the beach? I am not sure, but if you did, the rainforest would welcome you. large_detailed_wildlife_map_of_australia_1

Another wonderful thing about Australia is the diversity of the cultures. There are over 200 different languages spoken in Australia, including 45 indigenous languages. I have lived my whole life never leaving the United States, not really ever leaving the East Coast. I crave the diversity of new places and new experiences. Australia day is a celebration of the diversity and the acceptance of all ethnicities and political viewpoints. Australia was the second country in the world to given women the right to vote in 1902. 

Do you know what the capital of Australia is? Well, I will give you a hint. It is not Sydney or Melbourne. The answer is Canberra. Sydney and Melbourne kept arguing about which city should become the capital, and to stop the arguing, Canberra was selected to be the capital.  I loved the Tasmanian devil cartoon character as a child. I remember discovering that Tasmania was a real place, and I have been dreaming about it since. It is a small island, about 35,000 sq miles, off the coast of Australia. 

One day I will go to Australia and I hope it’s better than my imaginary adventure.